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Belta Perez
Models International Guam
John Robert Powers Guam/ Western Pacific since 1970
MAAI President 2017 - 2018
MAAI Past President

Modeling Association of America International President’s Welcome 

Belta Perez

Congratulations MAAI for 58 years of service to the modeling and talent industries. The 2018 Convention is just around the corner, and we are prepping for a “Hello MAAI Miami!” themed Convention.

We anticipate a fun-filled member/director gathering for fellowship, goodwill, and to bring our best, star delegates for competition in fashion arts, acting, modeling, and talent. Now is the time to get excited; MAAI invites leading agents and casting directors who judge and scout the event for their domestic and foreign firms.

Outstanding winning delegates will receive distinguished trophy awards, and some honored with theater and film arts scholarships. Most notable are the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, +Film + Television +Theater; the MAAI Academic Scholarship; and the prestigious Female and Male Models of the Year.

I would also like to thank Maria Little of Miss Hemisphere Pageants for being part of MAAI for the second year with an expanded line of contests. 

This is just the beginning of what will await our delegates, families, and guests when we herald in our 2018 MAAI Convention in Miami, Florida.

Congratulations to our 2017, MAAI Hall of Fame Awardee, Ethel Smawley of the Smawley Agency of Tennessee. It is a pleasure to join her and our Board Members in continuing the fine tradtion of education and ethical practices for models and talent.

We welcome early registrations through the Convention Director, Patricia Bohnert at

Looking forward to seeing you in Miami.

Warmest wishes,

Belta Perez

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