Is Everyone Accepted? 

A: No, everyone is not. In order to keep our standards high and our reputation of excellence with the modeling agents and casting directors a selection process is used. It may be in the form of an             audition or interview with a member school or agency of MAAI.

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How can I attend the next MAAI?    

You have taken the first step by viewing our web site. Next, fill out either the Want to Attend? or the ¿Quiere Asistir? form. Make sure to mark if you are a model, actor, dancer, or singer and fill out the information accordingly. Your information will be given to an MAAI member located you and you will be contacted.
Si usted quisiera usar Español, favor vea la forma numero tres.

Schools / Agencies / Managers:
If you are an owner or director of a modeling school, talent agency, or talent manager fill out theMAAI Membership form. You will be contacted by our membership committee who will be able to answer your questions.

Scouts / Casting Directors / Managers:
If you would like to scout our models and talent by attending the coming MAAI Convention, please complete the Scout Our Talent form. You will be contacted by one of our members to help with your arrangements.

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Do you need experience? 

A: No. An MAAI member will prepare you for the competitions.

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Can I use my own portfolio of photos? 

A: Often you can. This is determined by your director or the member who is preparing you. Photos     need to be current (not over one year old). If you are over 21, haven't changed your hair style,           and still look like your photos, you can usually go two years before a new portfolio is needed. Your     director will make that decision.

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How much does it cost? 

A: The cost of competing in the convention depends on variables which are determined by the city in   which you live, how many preparation sessions you will need, your photo                         package, accommodations, and transportation. Most members have a package cost which is divided into affordable monthly payment plans. They also may accept credit cards plus you may arrange to get sponsors to donate monies for this wonderful opportunity. Look at it as an investment to achieve your goal of being discovered and possibly working for a large agency in Miami Beach, elsewhere in the United States, Europe, or Asia.

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What if I am not called for a special interview with an agent? Will I still get to see them?  

A: Most Definitely. You may choose to spend time with all the agents on Go See Day. You will receive a list of agents in attendance and what they want. All you have to do is find their table and speak with them. This is your opportunity to show them your portfolio, give them a comp card, and sell yourself by letting that special personality shine through.

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How many agents attemd MAAI? 
A: Hundreds are invited each year. They come from all over the world and across the United States. 
You'll enjoy intensive exposure to the most influential people in the industry.

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What does an agent look for? 

A: Several things. First, a great smile and personality is uber important. Second is attitude; they look   for determination and hard workers. Third, a model can have a great look or just one that the agent knows he can sell to his clients.

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Is there anything else I should know about the MAAI? 

A: The 2012 Convention and Showcase will be held April 19 - 23 at the Deauville Resort in                 Miami Beach, Florida. The Awards Banquet, near the close of the event, is included in your                 registration package. You can invite family and friends to join you at the Awards Banquet, at their       cost however. Parties and special events will be held throughout Convention for all the participants     to celebrate the week, new friendships, contracts, and opportunities.

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What does Not-For-Profit mean? 

A: It means MAAI is not a profit-making business like ALL of the other conventions. School and           agency dues support MAAI. The Advisory Council and Executive Board are strictly volunteer, voted     in by the general membership. They devote countless hours and spend several weeks a       year planning events. They believe in MAAI and all the good it does to help young people, such           as yourself, get started in this business. MAAI was the first convention of its kind. Others have followed, but never equaled MAAI!

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What makes the MAAI convention different from all the rest?  

A: MAAI is the founder of the model/talent convention concept - 51 successful years of conventions.
There are several things MAAI offers which make us unique:

Not-for-Profit status means we are not a proprietary corporation.  MAAI does not survive to               make a profit.
MAAI invites celebrities and soap stars so you can have your photo taken and speak with them.
Our elegant surroundings.
Scholarship awards program.
Exclusivity - we are not an overcrowded cattle call.

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Will I have time to sight see or will I be busy the whole time?  

A: Yes, you do have time to see Miami, South Beach and Miami Beach. You also have time to             attend seminars arranged by MAAI and given by agents and industry experts. 

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